Friday, December 18, 2009

Cool n .. Cold

Yay! It's holiday!
I had been extremely busy the last few weeks that I took photos n wanted to update my blog, but i couldnt.

Oh well, so far, i still hvnt taught sewing, but i managed to turn my plain skirt into a caged one. I'll post photos later.

Right now, I'm in Melbourne to visit my sister, Emily.

This is my 3rd time visiting Melbie, but this time, my lil sist n my parents are coming with me. Yay! Cant wait to take them around this glorious city.

Ive been here for 5 days..
Arrival date: December 17th, 2009
Arrival time: 7.25AM
Fly with: SQ227

To my reminder, this is the summary of my first week in Melb.
Thursday, 17-12-2009
Meet nenk at Holmesglen, lunch at Let's Bab. Adit went to work, we went home.
Honey slept, me n my gang went to Chadstone n Coles.

Friday, 18-12-2009
ii arrived in Melbourne.
Bought flower, went to cemetery, ate Pho, buy veggie. Went home, ii cooked fried tofu, greens, and tomato eggs.

Saturday, 19-12-2009
I cooked corn soup, greens, and crispy potatoes. All of us went to Boxhill, i bought Weekend Saver, and then me, mom, n Elsa went to City to visit Nenk at her workplace, Femme.
Dinner at Vietnam Thailand Resto. Yum. Stayed over at Nenk's house. Adit cooked Fetucini n made us delicioso ice cream. Super yum.

Sunday, 20-12-2009
Time to pray n give thanks. Went to Savers, nenk went to worked, me mom n elsa went back home. Meet honey at The Glen. Mom n Elsa ate Hungry Jacks, me ate salads m fish.
ii Cooked dinner.

Monday, 21-12-2009
Honey made all of us toasts. ii and fam went to City. Me, mom, honey cleaned the house. Mom cooked sausage n greens, and fried eggs. At evening, all of us went to Holmesglen to pick up Emily. We had Nandos, went back home, n cooked for dinner. I made tom yum fried rice, instant rendang, and greens.

That's it for now.
Pictures later.

Smell ya later.

love love

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Piggie Bang

This is my 2nd creation. I made it last Thursday.
It is a piggie but i dont know what to put in it so I just call it a Piggie Bang.
I m pretty happy with the result but I forgot to make a hole for the button.
I'll think how to make it up later on.

Love Love

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Very First.. Baby

It has been 3 sessions but I hv learnt nothing about sewing. Im so dying to sew. I hv the sewing machine (which I bought with my own money - from Miu ), but I cant sew! How lame is that.
Hopefully, this week, I'll get my sewing lesson.

Anyway, yesterday I tried to make something out of a thrifted sheet using Betz White's Tutorial. The tutorial is actually to make a shoe bag. But i am not a very neat n tidy person. I dont think I need a shoe bag. But i surely need a lil bag for my lil thingy.

Here is the result.

Im pretty happy with the result. Not too bad, for a beginner like me. I had never
had any experience using sewing machine before, so im happy with how it turned out. To make it cuter, I also sew a ribbon and attached it using a pin.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ibu Tukang Parkir

Near my office, there is one old woman i always pay attention to. My honey called her "ibu tukang parkir". Why? because we payed her every month to make sure we got a place to park our car.

This old woman is very fierce to everyone, but every time me n honey pass her by, she always gives us a big smile. I love her smile cause it looks so sincere, and since she got no tooth left, it's also kinda funny.

Usually, this old woman wears sarong n traditional top, but yesterday was different. She wore a beanie, trousars, and a shirt. Wow! I said to myself. She looked so different. I couldnt help but took her pict. She later told us that she just came back from exercising. My heart rouse when I heard that. Sounds weird, but i adore her. Living so simple yet looks so happy.

Pink Oil

I went to Auto 2000 with honey before office yesterday.
The car already reached 15000 km n we have to change the oil.
I hv never went to change my car oil before that i thought, i was about to wait in a room with fan n dim light.
haha.. Then i was wrong.
It was a comfortable room with a tv, sofa, and a coffe machine.

There are also plenty of Advance massage machine.
But unluckily, all switched off.

It's so much fun going to ordinary places Ive never been before.

Love Love