Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tidur, Pipis, Makan

Hai there!
It's been awhile since my last post. Hehe..
I'm not good with words and managing things, so my blog is just being forgotten, dusted in the corner of my mind. But now that I get very bored in the bus, i try to use my bb to post some stories.

Today is the second day of lebaran, for those who celebrate it, Happy Ramadhan!

Libur lebaran kali ini, me n my fam ikut Robert Tour, sebuah tur ziarah, untuk ziarah k Jawa Bali. Total perjalanan 9 hari 8 malam dan rencananya, kita ga bakal tidur d bus pas malam2. Jadi ga gt cape.

Skrg lg hari ketiga, kita baru jalan dari Malang menuju k Gilimanuk.
Di hari pertama, 19 Sept 09, kita ngumpul di Katedral jem 6 pagi untuk berangkat k Salatiga. Rencananya, kita akan bermalam di Salatiga.
But it turned out, the traffic was so heavy that the bus just stopped all the way. We had late lunch, very late dinner, and we arrived at Salatiga at 6 AM the next day. Haha.. Buat apa inep hotel ya kl gt. But the hotel had been booked, so we checked in at 6.30AM, showered, had breakfast, and checked out at 8AM. Too bad we can't stay there longer, cause I think the hotel was so nice. It is a 4 star hotel which is located across Taman Sari Department Store. The tour guide, which is also the owner, told us that our hotel location was so strategic. A lot of good food near the hotel. But yeah, men can plan things but it's God who made the decision. Nothing to be regret for.

At the 2nd day, which still felt like the first one, we headed to Malang from Salatiga. No more traffic cause we were far from the city or any crowd. All went as planned, we arrived at the hotel at 10 PM. On our way to Malang, we stopped for a while at Orion Solo to buy some snacks. But poor me, a city girl who don't like to eat traditional foods, I bought cadburry centre filled cookies instead. The guide said, the most popular snack there is Kue Lapis Surabaya nya. I tried a slice and can't tell the difference. It tasted the same with the one in Jakarta or anywhere else, I think.
Back to the hotel, it was Trio Indah Hotel, 1 star. It was an old-fashioned hotel, not so comfy, but we just stayed there for a while, so I didn't mind.

Here I am at the third day. Not much to tell. I just had my breakfast, and am heading to Gilimanuk. I get so bored that I just had my breakfast, but I already craving for lunch.

O yeah, before I go, I'd like to tell some more things.

On the first day, my uncle threw up a few times. Seemed that he couldn't travel for a long time by bus. He got so sick that he decided to go home. So we stopped my uncle and aunt at Tegal, but their children continued the journey with my fam. My uncle and aunt stayed in a hotel for a night, and they went home by train the next morning.
The owner which is also the guide is not a very nice guy. He is responsible and all, but he's also very bossy, talks in a loud voice, and look down people. It's not the I don't like him, but yeah, just say that I haven't known him very well. So, better get friendly.

My bus is stopping at a petrol station now. It's time to pipis again.

More updates soon.