Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lazy Saturday

Yes indeed.
The rain was pouring outside all day, and honey was busy with his new toy.
Say hello the the new addition in the bed room.
A 40" Tv. The old one is moved to another room.
I am not as much a gadget enthusiast as my honey. But I am happy for him.

After a day of lazying around, we finally had Yuraku for dinner.
It was not as good as it used to be. I think they need to put extra attention to the food quality, and especially, the service.
All in all, it was a good day ;)


Friday, January 6, 2012


Why should I be so careless and forgetful.
You see my eyes?
I accidentally rub them, forgetting that I already line my eyes with eyeliner.
Happens all the time!


The last movie that I watched in the cinema is Billionaire.
It's a very inspiring movie, not only for the youngsters but also for adults.
Many valuable lessons can be learnt from this movie.
Me personally like it because I love to eat Tao Kae Noi seaweed and that Top is about my age now, meaning, if he can achieve great success, why can't I. Right.

The real Top Ittipat, a young Billionaire from Thailand, the owner of Tao Kae Noi. He is 26 yo now.

Top n mom.

Lesson I learnt from the movie:
1. Not to stop believing in my own self.
2. Even when other people tell me to stop, I still have to follow my heart and passion.
3. Make goals and achieve them - with due date.
4. Prove to people that I can. Show them. Act that ended with good result, not just words.
5. Always respect parents and the elders and love them even when they have shown poor support before.
6. Take chances and keep challenge myself.
7. Be patient and show integrity.
8. If plan A doesn't work, there are always plan B C D E ...
9. It's ok to be different.
10. Not to think that a job is to small or unworthy.
11. Not to be afraid to make mistakes. Keep making them.

Fave character in the movie:

Note to myself:
1. Buy Billionaire Blue Ray DVD - if there is
2. Force honey to watch the movie
3. Buy Tao Kae Noi the spicy one. Drooling.

In the Mood

It has been raining all day everyday lately.
I like it a lot!
My honey doesn't like rainy day but I do.

In my parents humble house, I like to lay down in in the sofa near the window just to feel the cool breeze, the smell, and the sound of the rain.
I also made some kind of a habit that if it rains around 3 PM, then I should enjoy it with a hot Indomie Soto and watching cartoon on tv. And don't forget, open the door so I still could feel the rain.
I am now living in a big house with my honey.
I am thankful for everything. It's just that I can't enjoy the rain as much as I did.
When building this house, I made a request to have some kind of an outdoor indoor backyard.
I thought, going to the front yard might be a bit of too much hard work, and back yard is a better things cause it's good for air circulation and I can feel the breeze and rain.
I forgot one thing. If it's raining, of course the sun louvre must be pulled to close. Errr..
Why did I miss that.

But no matter where I am or where I live, I still enjoy rainy day as much as I did :D.
Yay to rainy day (not if it's raining at night. hate it)

Lil Sist is 17

Celebrated Elsa's 17th birthday at Poke Sushi.
Her birth date is on October 31st (Monday), but we celebrated it on October 29th (Saturday).
A lot of friends and family came. So much happiness.
The last 17th birthday party in the family.
Elsa looked so pretty, and so is the cake.
My mom made it ;).
It is Maru Cake.

Holy Matrimony

Holy Matrimony: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Middlepark - Melbourne
Dinner: The Port, St. Kilda - Melbourne
Date: 11 September 2011

Sweet Thing

Found honey's cute doodle in an old 2011 notebook =).