Monday, November 30, 2009

The Tale of Three Trees

I'm in the car heading to Tangerang now.
I was still thinking about my last post when I opened my Joel Osteen book "Your Best Life Now" in random, and found this inspiring story. It really connects with my last post. I'm going to quote it below.

"I recently read a retelling of the timeless story The Tale of Three Trees. This fictious children's book relates the lofty aspirations of an olive tree, an oak tree, and a pine tree. Each of these trees had a great dream to become something special in life. The olive tree dreamed of becoming a finely crafted treasure chest. It wanted to hold gold, silver, and precious jewels. One day, a woodsman chose the one olive tree, out of all the trees in the forest, and cut it down. The olive tree was so thrilled. But as the craftsmen began working on him, the tree realized they weren't making him into a manager to hold food for dirty, smelly animals. Heartbroken, his dreams were shattered. He felt worthless and demeaned.

'Similarly, the oak tree dreamed of becoming part of a huge ship that would carry important kings across the ocean. When the woodsman cut down the oak, he was so excited. But as time went on, he realized the craftsmen weren't making him into a huge ship. They were making him into a tiny fishing boat. He was so discouraged, so disappointed.

'The pine tree lived on top of high mountain. Its only dream was to stand tall and remind people of God's great creation. But in a split second, a bolt of lightning sent it tumbling to the ground, destroying its dreams. The woodsman came and picked it up and carried it off to the scrap pile.

'All three of these trees felt they had lost their value and their worth, they were so discouraged, so disappointed. Not one of their dreams had come to pass. But God had other plans for these trees. Many years later, Mary and Josepsh couldn't find any plae to give birth to their little baby boy. They finally found a stable, and when Jesus was born they plaed Him in a manger made from - you guessed it - the olive tree. The olive tree had wanted to hold precious jewels, buy God had better plans, and it now held the greatest treasure of all time, the Son of God.

'A few years went by and Jesus grew up. One day, He needed a boat to cross to the other side of the lake. He didn't choose a large, fancy ship; He chose a small, simple fishing boat made from - you guessed it - the oak tree. The oak tree wanted to carry important kings across the ocean, but God had better plans. The oak now carried the King of kings.

'A few years went by, and one day some Roman soldiers were rummaging around in the pile of scrap wood were the discarded ine tree lay. That pine tree just knew they were coming to cut him up for firewood. But much to its surprise, they cut only two small pieces out of it and formed it into a cross. And it was on this pine tree that Jesus was crucified. That tree is still pointing people to God's love and God's compassion to this day.

'The point of this classic story is clear: All the trees thought thet had lost their value, that their stories were over, yet they became integral parts of the greatest story ever told.

'God knows ur value; He sees your potential. You may not understand everything you are going through right now. But hold your head up high, knowing that God is in control and He has a great plan and purpose for you life. Your dreams may not have turned out exactly as you'd hoped, but the Bible says that God's way are better and higher than our ways. Even when everybody else rejects you, remember, God stands before you with His arms open wide. He always accepts you. Ge always confirms your value. God sees your two good moves! You are His prized possession. No matter what you go through in life, no matter how many disappointmens you suffer, your value in God's eyes always remain the same. You will always be the apple of His eye. He will never give up on you, so don't give up on youself."
Source: Osteen 2004, 70

My eyes are all teary after I read this. See, u r precious in God's eyes. If He believes in you, why don't u hv faith in urselves?

Through Joel Osteen, a man I consider as an angel, God speaks to many people. I like Joes Osteen cause his words are not judgemental, but inspiring. He's not preaching, but sharing. Everyone should read his book.

Love Love

No Coincidence

Yesterday, there were two suicide happened in two different malls with only 4 hours gap.
Coincidence? I dont thinks so.

In a busy city like Jakarta, stress is not far from each of us. The causes of the stress is of course varies. But beside of the stress itself, i think the growth of technology help the stress n depression themselves become more exposed and triggered.

For example, if i see my self not being capable of doing something, well maybe i think it was just me. But then I browse n found in twitter, blogger, facebook, google, and other website n social media that not being capable of something is called and labelled stupid n useless. Then I start to think, label, and see myself as stupid, useless, and a rubbish for the society. Nah, if only just me myself know that im not capable of something without knowing what the community calls such things, then maybe i'll see myself as just a normal person with an imperfection, which is okay, n try to grow myself in other aspect. U get what i mean? Well, sometimes, not knowing at all is so much better than knowing just a bit.

Back to the suicidal topic, maybe the first girl who jumped in GI was inpired by what she saw on tv or internet. And thinking that ending a life is so much better than to live in suffer. I dont really know her suicide motive, but i dont really care. Ending a live is a crime, a sin, and i dont like it. Even the thought makes me sick. The suicide's buzz was so quick, just like a virus. It became a trending topic in twitter in an instant, Grand Indonesia and Forever 21 Grand. 4 hours after, another suicide happened in Senci. The buzz was not as noisy, maybe we just getting used to it. Just like bombing u know. U were so excited at first, but than u became used to it. I think, the second suicide was inspired by the first one. Maybe he was checking his twitter, inspired, feeling depressed, and acted.

Enough talk.
This is just me writing down things that crossed my mind. I really dont know what really had happened.
But for u guys who is still so young - or maybe already old - mind ur life.
We r just too precious to go too soon.
God bless U!

Love Love

Random: Christmas

Christmas is coming to town.

I always love Christmas.

Things i love: love, rain, christmas, sweets, travelling, cute clothes. nice friends, warm people.

Haha.. So random.

I really dont know what to write but i really like to put on some words about what im feeling about christmas.

Im not trying to rhyming or making a poem, im just writing down what crosses my mind when i hear the word 'christmas'/

Christmas is a beautiful decorated tree with stars or christmas fairy on top.

Christmas is family gathering from places just to celebrate the love and togetehrness.

Christmas is beautiful songs singing in the air.

Christmas is the smell of coffee and cinnamon when we walk pass a cafe.

Christmas is when hate and envy is no longer felt cause there's no other room for nothing but love.

Christmas is red and green and yellow and brown.

Christmas is an old man with a long white beard in a red and white outfit saying 'ho ho ho'.

Christmas is little elves being too busy helping the santa to produce gifts for everyone.

Christmas is presents under the christmas tree.

Christmas is colofrul lightbulbs day n night.

Christmas is snow (i like the image, i dont like the feling of the situation. way too cold)

Christmas is sending greetings to friends and enemies with love n hope.

Christmas is.. all around.

i m going to add some more when other things cross my mind.

Love Love.

Pic taken from:

Yellow Hellow

What i wore to work today. Haha.. This expression is really stupid. dont like it but not going to take another pict anyway.

And this is my snack. A lovely aunt in my office loves to bring food and share it with everyone. Today, she brought a home-made potato doughnut. She made it herself. It tastes very good. I also eat Snicker my sister gave me. Yum yum. And also, i drink Mustika Ratu Slimming Tea, hoping my fat (lipid) will all dissappear instantly. haha.. Keep dreaming..

If ever u guys wondering why I took pict in the officen posting things i do, its not that im wasting my time slacking n corrupting time. It's just that I m trying to hv fun whereever i am, whatever i m doin. The world is your playground. Never limit urself.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Love from Toronto

Last Saturday is a very special day.
I only took my fashion class half day and then off to the airport.
I was about to meet my uncle who i hvnt met for 9 years, and his kids who i hvnt met before. They live in Toronto - Canada, and just had their citizenship.
He went to America in 1991, and never came back ever since. I visited him in 2000 with my sist n dad. In 2006, my uncle and his family move to Canada n process their citizenship.
This is the situation at the airport after the hugging and crying section.
Huu.. So sad.

This is my lovely cousin, Ellaine. This is the first time i met her, but feels like i hv met her all my life. She is such an adorable little kid. She cant speak Bahasa Indonesia at all. And her English is not familiar to my ear. She pronounces 'brother' -> 'boather'. Haha..

And this is me. I gained few kilos lately T_T
My uncle and his family is going to stay in Indonesia till January 11th. Im so going to meet Ellaine for a few times till my Christmas Vacation.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black Invansion

This is what I wore to work today.

Blouse: Icons
Blazer: Accent
Skirt: Gaudi
Shoes: bought in Malaysia

So Random

On Jubilee 10th anniversary, my sister was assigned to be an usher. She wore an Indian traditional dress. I didnt know it until I came home from office and i saw the dress on the sofa.
I could not help so to tried it on.

Here I am posing with Mother Marry as the background. Me so rude. I didnt realize it till I saw the pic. Sorry..

Tamani Night

Last Sat nite, after my friend's wedding celebration, I went to meet my Junior High friends. We wanted to try the new opened Pancious in MKG 5, but it was full. Sushi Tei, full.
So we chose to go to Tamani Cafe.
Nobody brought camera, so here goes..

November is Almost End!!

Yes it is..
And still I haven't blogged much.
Im not good with words, so im thinking to post more pics. BUt the problem is, my camera phone is not so good, and my SLR doesnt come in handy.
So I kept on trying to find the solution to this matters. It was still blurry until.... now. Haha..
I wont tell u what it is, but i will surely post more things from this day forward.
What will I post?
- my fashion class progress
- my work outfit
- daily activities
- food
Those are all, I think.

And once again, i want to remind u guys that the reason i made this blog is not to show off or try to write something witty.
It is just a reminder to me myself about what has happened in my life, and to see, if i am progressing and keep on moving forward.



Thursday, November 5, 2009

Summary of The Tenth Month

Hellow everyone.
My honey just flew to Surabaya, so I have some times for my self now. Hihi..
He is goin to Sby for 4 days. Im missing him already now.

I cant believe it's November already. 2009 is almost over. How time flies soo fast. I feel like everything has been fast forwarded. I really want to pause for a while so i can look back n see what i have done so far.
So far, I can say, not much. I am still doing my clay. Lovin it more day by day. But Im not stopping there. Never a day I spent without thinking what I really want to achieve n hv in life n tryin to get it.

On October, I took a giant step. I started working and I started my Pilates class. Well, I am not familiar with working in an office, with fix routine, and everything. But Im not limiting myself with changes. So here I am, trying to be better day by day. To sum up, my October 2009 was a good month. Everything was new and going well.

Ive been really thinking a lot lately. I think about almost everything. I see life, I see me as a journey, a moving object. I dont wanna stop at where I am now. I want to keep learning n growing.
That's why, beside my office duties, my clay orders, starting TOMORROW, I will take Fashion Class at Bunka. I'll learn how to make pattern, how to make dresses, and many other. I am so excited. I'll give u updates in a few days.

Here are some random pics taken by my lil sist on October.

Gnite everyone!
God bless u all.