Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas!!

Finally my favorite time of year has come.
The day before Christmas was absolutely hectic.
I woke up very early in the morning, finish Diana's order, went to MKG for last minute Christmas shopping, go back home to pack the pink birdies, go to the courrier and found out that they had closed (it was 8.30 PM. Of course they closed already), stay there for about 20 minutes begging for them to deliver my goods, and finally i bribed them, go back to MKG to finish the shopping.
Got back home at about 11 PM, wrap the presents, slept at 2 AM.

My honey has been sick from days before Christmas, up till now.
Last week, his body temperature was so high and he could barely move. Went to the doctor on Saturday and insisted to go to Bandung on Sunday.
Saturday Night -> no hope at all of going nowhere
Sunday Morning -> jumping like a little boy, made me think that the previous night was just a dream.
The week after, his condition was not so well, but still ok. Could work normally.
BUT, 2 days before Christmas, who kept on coughing and coughing all night and all day.
And on 1 day after Christmas, I followed him to the cave of sickness. Blah.
My throat still burning but I no sickness could hold me down =D.

Anyway, enough with the long words, let us see pictures!!
On Christmas day, I woke up at 6 AM, and go to church at 7 AM.
The mass started at 8 but we went early because every year, on Christmas and Easter, churches were all so packed.
But.. when we got to the church, it was still almost empty. Where did all the people go?
My sisters slept in the church. Ha ha ha.
After church, we went back home and start exchanging presents. The presents were more to quantity than quantity, so we just wrap whatever we had. For example, I gave my uncle 1 litre of Teh Kotak. Most of the presents were food.

My honey was there too. Yay..

And last but not least, this is the Christmas Frame that a dear customer ordered for her friend.
Merry (belated) Christmas, everyone!!

Happy Mother's Day

Last week I made 2 moms in a week.
Has nothing to do with Mother's Day, just a pure coincidence.
The first one is the working mom who is also a cook.

And the other one is a mom whose profession is as a stewardess at Garuda Indonesia.
I was happy with both of them =).

A mother is an angel that God has sent to guide us in our life. And when our mother is no longer with us, she will still watch us from afar, cause that is what an angel do =)


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2.32 am

It's 2.32 am.
Im so desperate that i hv spent my days doing my clay but still i need more time.

Just sent honey an email.
I miss him so ;(

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When All You Can Do is

Say Goodbye ;'(

Went to Boen Tek Bio this morning with my sis.
A lot of people were there.
That was what happen to good people.
Loved till the very end.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Heaven's Smile

My bestfriend's mom passed away this morning.

Met her a few weeks ago.
She was not in her best shape, but her spirit and love fills the room.
Only few words she could mumble and few things she could remember, but she didnt fail to make me smile.
She was so sick but she didnt want to admit it.
She keeps on answering, "ga sakit. Ngapain sakit. Buang2 duit aja."

I am so proud of her.
Tante, you may no longer be with us, but ur memories will always remain in our heart.

Tia my friend, please be strong :'(

This photo was taken a few weeks ago.
A big soul in such a small body.
Be happy with om up there, tante :)
God loves u!

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Monday, December 20, 2010

It's 3 Days to Christmas Eve..

Still i dont feel nothing.

Is it a cursed to grow old?
That the excitement of seing the world, to live, and to play, are slowly but surely fade away.

Up till i was about 20, a lot of things excite me, especially Christmas.
There were 3 days in a year that i love the most:
- Christmas
- my Birthday
- Valentine's day
Yup!! Christmas was 1st on my list. I LOVE it!! I love the decorations, i love the songs, i love Christmas movies, and especially, i love the feeling that somehow i know, Christmas Is going to spread its Magic n make everyone's hearts warm and hope fulfilled.
Looking back, life was fun when i was young.
People still giving out Christmas Cards. I got a lit every year! I still keep thim all on my closet. Sometimes, when i feel like i want to dive in the memories, i'll open them one by one, smiling, and suddenly, im 15 yo all over again.

Since the monster called technology getting bigger and smarter, people dont send 'paper cards' anymore. They send SMS to send wishes.
SmS was quite ok, though. You still have to make the effort to type and pay the SMS fee.
And to make it even worse, facebook, bbm, and twitter are now the top 3 people use to communicate. And sometimes people just Retweet a greeting as if it is his.

Oh well. The clock is ticking away.
Hapoy Tuesday everyone!

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It's 1.48 am and i'm (finally) on my bed.
I had just watched the final episode of Australian Next Top Model Cycle 5.
These are the top 2:

Cassi (left) and Tahnee (right)
Both of them were still so young. Cassi was 16 and Tahnee was 17.
And.. Tahnee was the winner. Yay!!
She's beautiful n very lovely.
Such a sweetheart ;)

Ok. It's time to hit the sack.
1.54 am
Gotta get up at 5.30am to accompany honey to take his sister to the airport. And then, a long and tiring day awaits me.

If i make a list, it would be like this:
1. Airport
2. Find black white polka fabric
3. Finish 3 clay figurines
4. Finish Diana's birdies
5. Set up the frame that is about to be sent by today
6. House misc (this one alone can be defined in a long list)
7. Go to office
8. .....

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Crab and Birds

Just had mom's special crab for dinner.
Havent had dinner in a full squad for quite a while.
Now i cant hardly get my ass off the chair ;D.

It's Monday, n How I Met Ur Mother is airing on Starworld.
I love the show! But no time for slacking.
Back to work.
Gotta finish these pink birds by Wednesday.

They are Diana's babies.


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Life is a bitch.

Just after i wrote that statement, everything that has happened since the last time i blogged come right after me.

Nah nah.
Im not going to write down everyhing.
Enough with the bad attitude, anger, and negative thought.
It's 5 days to christmas.
Im going to change to be my old me.
Gotta stop living in the past and future.
Gotta live now!

"Five minutes ago and five minutes from now doesn't matter, live in the 'now'."
-Sarah Sechan

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