Friday, August 5, 2011

Scrapbook Nightmare

I have been having trouble times trying to sleep at night these past 3 days.
Blame all those cute fabrics that is on sale in facebook.
Facebook has been so crowded with shops lately. I dont log in to see the status of photos of my friends anymore, but browsing through the shops instead.

Not only the fabrics that caught my eyes and hearts, but also things about scrapbook.
It was all started of the curiosity I have of why scrapbook can be so popular while it is also very expensive.
I also thought that it is only populer abroad, but foound out just now that there are also many Indonesian scrapbook-er <-- is that how you call em?

Here I will list the top 3 that I like:
1. Ria Nirwana (

2. Alice Wahyuni (

3. Suryanti halim (
I think she is also the owner of Scrappetizer Scrapbooking in facebook. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Pretty right?
I can't even concentrate in office right now.
There is also a shop in Grand Indonesia that is recently open, "Made with Love".
I believe that this is a scrapbook heaven.
I can't wait to visit the shop this weekend and see what I can adopt.
Meanwhile, you can feast your eyes in their website HERE.