Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I have always been a big fans of illustrations, and today I stumbled upon this fashion and illustration blog of Nancy Zhang. Such a love at first sight. I love her illustrations sooooo very much. Do visit her blog HERE. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gong Xi Fat Coi Cake

3 cakes given to fellow relatives.
Mommy made them all by herself.

And that is her while packaging them =)

Street Food Nearby

Nenk with jumbo Mie Berkat. That is her happy face.
I have been passing through this Creamello for several times, and never got the chance to stop by.
Today, I needed to stop by. Ngilerrr...
Well apparently, the ice cream tastes very good. The wafer is very crunchy. It reminds me of wall's ice cream sold in Orchard. The price also very similar, S$1 and IDR 8000.

Also check out the name card the owner gave me. Cute.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Big Smile

Still on the same day, I asked my family to have dinner at Hong Kong Cafe, and they unexpectedly agreed. Aaah.. Lucky day indeed. See how happy I was *grin*.

And the traffic was very very friendly. 

Thanx God for everything =).


Mie DBB+Teh Botol+Pempek Vegetarian

I consider myself very very lucky, when I ask Hubby if he wants to accompany me to eat noodle at our old school and he says yes. And last Wednesday was my lucky day.
Nothing is really special about the noodle, but it sure brings back memories whenever i eat it.
My fave is mie gede with bumbu Indomie goreng. Nom nom.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Lucky Monday

Oleh-oleh titipan dataaaang!!!

I prefer original or choco cheese, but tiramisu is fine. Yay!! Thx Tia!!

Pia legong!! Have been drooling for this for over a year now!!
Though I only got half the box and it's mix flavor, I am still very very very happy. Thx Veraa!!


Hello April

Today is Palm Sunday :)
I was so excited, but when I got to church, I realized I was a bit too late. So my palms didn't get blessing from the pastor :(. I was a bit upset but then I splashed them with holy water, assuming  they have been blessed.

After church, I and hubby spent our entire day at MKG.
We took his grandma for lunch at Raa Cha, dropped her home, go back to MKG, watched Hunger Games, went back home exhausted.
I like the movie a lot.

When I arrived home, look what had been waiting for me.
My package from Cemprut. Yay!! 
Let me introduce you to: Bilu Bilu, Payu Payu, Lope Lope, and Hijo Hijo. Those are their real names btw.
I thought they were about 45cm long, turned out they are a bit shorter than I thought. About 30cm.
But they are still really cute.
See how hubby just couldn't get enough of them.
I have to asked him to put them away cause I really needed my bed to sleep.

May the odds be ever in your favor.
Good night.