Monday, February 22, 2010

Customized usb

I made this USB for my honey. He likes arsenal a lot so I turned his USB to become him in arsenal uniform. It's still far from perfect. But I'm quite liking it.

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Le tour eiffel

Last saturday I went with eliz n Tika to ccf open house.
I always love everything about France. I really wish I could master the language. But wishing without learning will do nothing, yes? So I'm planning to take the course which will be started on April.
Oui! Je parle francais!

Here I am wearing my caged skirt. I put ribbons to my old skirt n turned it into caged skirt. Yay! Dubidudadam..

Madame Sufni introduced us to France.

Quiche et crepe pour "lunch"

VoilĂ !!

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Blooming Sakura

Today after bunka, I went to pasar baru all by my self. I always hate to go all alone. Somehow, I always feel lost. But with my sist abroad n my other sist at school n my mom busy, I hv no other option.

At home, I tried to make my lil sist a simple tote bag (is it a tote bag?) This is how it turned out.

Let's call her.. Blooming Sakura ;)

It's a reversible bag, btw.

What do u think of this?
U like it?
I hope u do.

Love love

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Angpao Lai lai lai

Happy Chinese new year!!
I'm 23 yo n still got angpao from my family. Haha..
On new year's eve, I went to my honey's fam for dinner. Unlike my family,

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Grilled calamary

My lovely sewing machine. I bought this with my own money T_T. Buy buy savings..

My first skirt pattern.

VoilĂ ! Me in my first skirt :)

catching up with mercy. I didn't plan of meeting her. It wad Monday, my bunka day, n when I got there bunka was closed!! It was 2nd day of cny. I shouldve known!

Ohh well..

Fun fun fun!
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Chinese Nite

My Chinese nite with Eliz. Wishing we could go to China anytime soon.

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Surprise surprise

My friends came to my house on my birthday n gave me this cute hearty doughnut and mesin obras as my present. Thank u guys! Thx too for Kuya n Emon. Mwah mwah

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