Sunday, May 24, 2009


Really, i need to lose my weight..
About 10-16 pounds maybe.


Food is my passion.

Sob T_T

fro-yo addict

My sister just said good night, and went to her room.
Ok. I thought she's asleep already..
Beep beep..

1 new message

Sha: Sist, I'm craving for J.Cool @.@

Me: What? The day is almost ended, and all u can think about is food? You just had yesterday and sour sally the day before.

Sha: Haha.. I see the picture of it on my cell phone background everyday. Wk. I can feel the sour and sweet taste. Nyumm..

Me: Just delete the picture then.

Sha: No way.. I can't wait to buy it at Gading. Bye

Haha.. Still don't get it why people are so crazy about fro-yo.

Good night everyone =)

Sunday ay ay ay

forgive the poor picture quality


I visit my dentist yesterday..
My front teeth is aching.
The dentist didn't do much. T_T

Saturday, May 23, 2009


As any other day, I am planning to start my diet TODAY.
But what happen in any other day, happens today.
At 9AM, my honey drop by and gave me a medium pan of tuna mayo pizza and a large pan of fishchips pizza. What a sweet honey..

At 10AM, my aunt drop by and brought me my favorite noodle. Yum Yum..
What a yummy way to start the day, but yet the worst one start my diet.

Then I thought..
Enough.. I won't eat anything heavy for the rest of the day..

And then at 3PM, my grandma came from her elderly gathering, bringing us a box of doughnut and 2 parcels of snack.

Today is a great non-diet day.

Happy Saturday, everyone.

Graduation Present

I promised my sister to buy her a graduation present.
Though she's only graduating her junior high school, but still it is something.
So I decided to taker her to Wondershoe, to let her choose whatever she likes.

We visit the shop next to Wonders, while we are waiting for Wonders getting back from friday-prayer break.

Sooo confuse of choosing one from so many pairs of lovely shoooz..

These are what we bought yesterday..

Click here if you want to get a pair of you own.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Free Friday

unbranded white tee, Cotton On vest, Dotti skirt, Supre vest, Hush Puppies sandal

The weather is nice toodaay. Teehee..
i promise my lil sist to take her out when we hv free time.
So today is the day.
There will be so much fun.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Flowery Mood

Yay.. Today is public holiday.
I have to get up early to go to church.
Still so sleepy and my runny nose is killing me.

tank top: Cotton On
black pants: unbranded
flowery blouse: mom's
shoes: mom's
headband: D-I-M (do it myself)

Hatchim.. Hatchim..

Miss ya..

..heaps dear lil sist.