Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lime Beach

I went to Ancol Beach today. It's been quite a while since the last time I went there. I used to go there everyday with my family for morning jogging or just to get some fresh air.
Well anyway, I spotted some interesting things today.

a beautiful white flower

A man swimming upside down. Daddy said this man is trying to catch some fish.

Food court (it's new, right?)

A new cafe is on progress. It's on the bridge. I'm not dk happy about it. Ancol keeps on developing new buildings n cafes inside. It gives less space for people who want to come for exercise, jogging, enjoying the view n breathing some fresh air.

This is new. I've never seen this before, "beach pool".

They hv no bus but they hv the shelter.

I had Fun today!
How bout u?

Love love

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Friday, March 5, 2010


I hv never entered any giveaway before. I tried this once, n I WON!! Yay! I always love it when I get home, n there's a lovely package waiting for me. Ihiy!

A few days ago, mbak Amesh from www.dreamesh.blogspot, a very talented n artsy young mom, held a giveaway. She was about to move out giving away some of her possesion. We could just pick the one we wanted.

And so I chose a cute handmade bag made by her designer cousin, Teeas Rubismo.

Yay! Thanx Mbak Amesh! u r so generous!!
Please do visit her blog, guys.

Love love

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Indomie Soto

Indomie soto skrg berubah menjadi soto spesial. They were rebranding the packaging lately.

This soto speciAl got koya inside.

According to my tasting sense, the taste of the soto itself is just the same. Not even a slight different. But adding the koya makes it become a whole new experience ;). The koya makes the soup a bit thicker.

Yum yum
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Hi you!!

Yay!! My name card is here!!
Say hi..

N this is a charm bracelet I made recently. I love it!!

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Grazia Day

Last Thursday, I went to Grazia Day at Poste. My friend won a tweet quiz from Grazia magazine. The quiz was only to send a picture of u n ur bestfriend. There were 3 winners, n 1 winner could bring 4 other friends.

Grazia is a new magazine. It's a licensed mag based on Itali I think. Its first issue was on November. So to get closer to its readers, Grazia planned to hold an event like this once a month. It was like a small party. Only the winners (3x5) and Grazia crew.

Gricia, the fashion blogger, who is also the marketing of Grizia, is the one who sent us the email confirmation. You can alse check out her post about the event here,
Sorry I can't hyperlink it cause I'm on posting via comp.
Anyway, here are some pictures if me n friends at Poste. I took some pics from Grizia blog too. Hihi. Thx dear.

Love love

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Responsibility starts.. today!!

Yeah, it's about time I need to do something about my life.
I tend to put off something till its due time.
I tend to linger a while till it's overtime.
I tend to cancel all day's schedule just coz I think I need to relax a while.
To sum up, my life's a mess.
Days, weeks, months passed me by without ne realizing n Im still going nowhere.
My first skirt is still not finished. My second skirt is still half done.
N I keep making new stuff n leave it half way.
Well, I tend to start something n not finish it.

And today, I skip going to bunka again. I'm supposed to go there at least 3 times a week. Last week I only went once, n this week so far, none. My gave teacher is away to Medan. Her mom is sick. But I know that's not an excuse for me to skip my class.
And that reminds me that I tend to make excuses.

No no no!!
I need to stop this devil circle!!
I thought I need a better time management. But today, I realize, what I need most of all is better responsibility.
Just like the slogan of my campus, "Responsibility begins with me.",
I wrote on my wall (not on a paper):

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