Saturday, March 31, 2012

Grey and Maroon

It was lovely to wake up in the morning and realizing that today is Saturday. I also found out that the fuel price raise has been canceled (or at least postponed for another 6 months). It was a relieve knowing that there will be no more riots for a while (forever no more I hope).

As for breakfast, I had Mie Alip. Yay!!!

For dinner, daddy took us to Ancol Beach City to meet his friend.
Ancol Beach City is like a new food mall at Ancol. Not so many restaurants has opened, so we have very limited options.
We have ever tried The Wharf and Rasane. So tonight we tried Oen Pao.
When the waitress came, she told us that it would take a while for our food to come. Around 30 minutes she said. We were fine with that.
So we ordered 1 chicken porridge, 4 charsiew chicken with hainanese rice, and charsiew chicken friend rice. After a while, another waitress came and told us that everything with charsiew was sold out. 
So we changed our order to 1 fried rice, 2 grilled chicken with hainanese rice, 1 fried hokkien noodle, and 1 noodle with meatball.
After about 20 minutes, 2 grilled chicken with hainanese rice, porridge, and fried hokkien noodle came.
After at least another 20 minutes, the fried rice came.
We still waited for the last one to come but it was so long until the rest of us have finished our food.
The waitress told us to wait cause they were still cooking the noodle.
Disappointed, when the noodle came, we realize that it has been cooked for quite a while that the noodle was all like sticky together.
Overall, the food was just ok. 
Well I don't think I will ever want to eat there again.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


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